The two invited expert commentators for the seminar are now confirmed: Torill Mortensen and J. Tuomas Harviainen.

Torill Elvira Mortensen, Associate professor at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Mortensen’s research topic, in no particular order, are digital culture, social media and games. She is a gamer, a blogger and a scholar, and her particular passion is online role-play games. The topic of her dissertation was the use of MUDs. Her teaching is concerned with the form and use of digital media. Her main interest is what players and users do with digital media, how they approach them and use them. Mortensen has served on the board of DiGRA, is a reviewer for Games and Culture as well as several other journals for game studies, and she was part of the founding group of She have written about games since 1995.

J. Tuomas Harviainen (M.Th)  is a library and information scientist at the Tampere Research Center for Information and Media, who specializes in studying game environments and adult pretence. His forthcoming doctoral dissertation analyzes role-playing from an information systems perspective. Harviainen also edits the International Journal of Role-Playing. He also has extensive experience as a larp designer.


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