Preliminary Programme


This is the preliminary programme of the seminar. Small changes are likely, and the final programme will be posted after we have received the full papers.

Each presentation slot is 30 minutes, consisting of 10 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of discussion. Papers will be distributed before the event, so all participants can browse them in advance.

For those traveling from Helsinki, we recommend the Intercity 43 train which departs from Helsinki railway station at 7:30 and arrives in Tampere at 9:05.

09:00 Registration and Coffee

09:30 Welcome

10:00 Session I: Role-Play and Performance

  1. Marjukka Lampo
    Ecological Approach to Gaming Processes in Larps
  2. Jaakko Stenros
    Between Gamemastering and Performance: Interactive Actors in ARGs and Larps
  3. Evan Torner
    Empty Bodies and Time in Tabletop Role-Playing Game Combat

11:30 Lunch hour

12:30 Session II: Playing with Text I

  1. Angelina Ilieva
    Cultural Codes, Cultural Memory and Cultural Concepts in Live Role-Playing Discourses
  2. Mika Loponen & Jaakko Stenros
    The Correct Conan and the Real Batman: Structuring the Power Relations in Cultural Semiospheres

13:30 Break

13:45 Session III: Playing with Text II

  1. Rafael Bienia
    Role-Playing Games and Actor-Network Theory
  2. David Jara
    Framing Strategies in Role-Playing Games

14:45 Break

15:15 Session IV: Role-Playing in Culture

  1. Lars Konzack
    Library Use: How Role-Playing Games Are Presented in Public Libraries
  2. Ashley Brown
    From Rhydin to Azeroth: The Past and Present of Erotic Role-Play
  3. Marinka Copier & Tijn Rams
    Adventures in Gruga: A Dutch Case Study of Creative LARPing for All Player Types and Ages

16:45 Closing day one

09:30 Coffee and registration

10:00 Session V: Educational Role-Play

  1. Alexey Fedoseev
    Role-Playing Games as Educational Technology. The Implications of Modern Activity Theory
  2. Michal Mochocki
    Research Report: How Edu-Larps Work for Subject-Matter Knowledge
  3. Eliane Bettochi, Carlos Klimick & Rian Oliveira Rezende
    Incorporeal Project

11:30 Lunch hour

12:30 Session VI: Engagement and Role-Play

  1. Nathan Hook
    A Social Psychology Ethnographic Study of ‘Immersion’ Among Live Role-Players
  2. Laura Flöter
    The Avatar’s Life of Its Own
  3. Sarah Lynne Bowman
    Social Conflict and Bleed in Role-Playing Communities

14:00 Break

14:30 Session VII: Single-Player Role-Playing

  1. Richard Gough, J.A. Dearnley & A. Muir
    Information Activities Performed by Players of Computer RPGs: A Preliminary Model
  2. Petri Lankoski
    Role-Playing in Single-Player Computer Role-Playing Games

15:30 End discussion

16:00 Closing


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