Seminar Programme


Here is the finalized programme for the seminar. One presentation was cancelled, and a few sessions have moved. Also, we conclude a little earlier on Wednesday.

Tuesday April 10th

09:00 Registration and Coffee

09:30 Welcome

10:00 Session I: Role-Play and Performance

  1. Marjukka Lampo
    Ecological Approach to Gaming Processes in Larps
  2. Jaakko Stenros
    Between Game Facilitation and Performance: Interactive Actors and Non-Player Characters in Larps
  3. Evan Torner
    Empty Bodies and Time in Tabletop Role-Playing Game Combat

11:30 Lunch hour

12:30 Session II: Engagement and Role-Play

  1. Nathan Hook
    A Social Psychology Ethnographic Study of ‘Immersion’ Among Live Role-Players
  2. Laura Flöter
    The Avatar’s Life of Its Own
  3. Sarah Lynne Bowman
    Social Conflict and Bleed in Role-Playing Communities

14:00 Break

14:30 Session III: Playing with Text I

  1. Angelina Ilieva
    Cultural Codes, Cultural Memory and Cultural Concepts in Live Role-Playing Discourses
  2. Mika Loponen & Jaakko Stenros
    The Correct Cthulhu and the Real Batman: Structuring the Power Relations in Cultural Semiospheres

15:30 Break

15:45 Session IV: Playing with Text II

  1. Rafael Bienia
    Role Players Creating Networks. Fan Practices in RPG, MMORPG and Larp
  2. David Jara
    Framing Strategies in Role-Playing Games

16:45 Closing day one

19:00 Open House at Game Research Lab

Wednesday April 11th

09:30 Coffee and registration

10:00 Session V: Educational Role-Play

  1. Alexey Fedoseev
    Role-Playing Games as Educational Technology. The Implications of Modern Activity Theory
  2. Michal Mochocki
    Research Report: How Edu-Larps Work for Subject-Matter Knowledge
  3. Eliane Bettochi, Carlos Klimick & Rian Oliveira Rezende
    Incorporeal Project: Stimulating the construction of competencies and knowledge by co-creating RPG narratives and their supports

11:30 Lunch hour

12:30 Session VI: Role-Playing in Culture

  1. Lars Konzack
    Library Use: How Role-Playing Games Are Presented in Public Libraries
  2. Ashley Brown
    Threesomes, Waterfalls, and Healing Spells: The utility of magic, fantasy, and game mechanics in erotic role-play in World of Warcraft

13:30 Break

14:00 Session VII: Single-Player Role-Playing

  1. Richard Gough, J.A. Dearnley & A. Muir
    Information Acquisition for Role-Playing: A Preliminary Model
  2. Petri Lankoski
    Role-Playing in Single-Player Video Games

15:00 End discussion

16:00 Closing


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