The Tampere Game Research Lab has hosted an international spring seminar for work-in-progress papers annually since 2005. As all participants have been able to read eack paper in advance, the seminar has offered a unique place for informed discussion and to receive worthwhile and relevant criticism. Each seminar has had a theme and two expert commentators. Professor Frans Mäyrä has chaired the seminars.

2011: Games and Innovation (Commentators: Associate Professor F. Ted Tschang  from Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University, Jason Della Rocca, the founder of Perimeter Partners, and Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher Mirva Peltoniemi from Institute of Strategy, Aalto University School of Science.)

2010: Games Research Methods (Commentators: Associate Professor Mikael Jakobsson from Malmö University, School of Arts & Communication, and Principal Researcher Jussi Holopainen, User Experience & Design Team, Nokia Research Center.) The best papers from this seminar are soon to be published as a special symposium issue in Simulation & Gaming.

2009: Playful Experiences (Commentators: Aki Järvinen from ITU Copenhagen and Oskar Juhlin from The Interactive Institute)

2008: Breaking the Magic Circle (Commentators: Markus Montola from University of Tampere and Simon Niedenthal from Malmö University)

2007: Gamers in Society (Commentators: T.L. Taylor from ITU Copenhagen and Daniel Pargman form Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

2006: Playing Roles (Commentators: Craig A. Lindley from University of Gotland and Lisbeth Klastrup from ITU Copenhagen) – International Journal of Role-Playing was initiated here.

2005: Creative Gamers (Commentators: Henry Jenkins from MIT and Mikko Lehtonen from University of Tampere)